Finding repeated parts of text

Hi guys, I am a new user of Scrivener. Tried to find help in manual and searching this forum, but without effect. At the moment I am using Scrivener to prepare book, and a few articles written before would be a part of this. I have no problem with importing, however, there are probably a few parts of the text which would repeated in more than one article. Is there any tool in Scrivener that would automatically find this parts?

I would use Project Search for this, if I understand correctly. That’s the search bar up in the main toolbar, just copy and paste the phrase you are looking for duplications of, and you should get a list of every document containing that phrase in the left sidebar (replacing the main master list, or Binder). It will also then be highlighted in the main text editor wherever it occurs.

You may want to set the search mode to “exact phrase” if you get a lot of false positives. Just click on the magnifying glass icon within the search tool to access options.