Finding Text Colors in Scrivener

Hello, I’m new to Scrivener (currently in the trial period). I am trying to view the color of text, but I am unable to. I know how to change the color of the text. I want to view the color of text that has already been assigned a specific color by somebody else.

For reference, I came across this conundrum when checking the short stories template, where even the very top document has multiple text colors that I would like to see for myself, but I cannot find a way to.

I am aware that a color setting exists under the Format menu. However, it only shows colors manually set by the user, not the color of your selected text.

Most colors are set in File > Options > Appearance > (PartName) > Colors.
This includes text colors for the Main Editor, Notes etc.
To find assigned colors, just make a screenshot and use a color picker on the text.

Yeah that has been a known issue with the text colour design for ages, on both platforms (though it has been fixed more recently on the Mac, that’s just something we should copy some day on Windows). What I do is put a block drawing character like this: █ into the coloured area and then use a colour picker tool to extract the colour out of the middle. This avoids any anti-aliasing variations that you will get across nearly the entire surface of normal text.

For projects in a design phase, I will keep a row of blocks like that in a style guide document in the binder, all coloured as desired, followed by their hex code so I can easily copy and paste back into the colour tool. But at some point, enshrining these into character styles is often the right move, too.

In my Scrivener installation (Mac), in the top (instructional) document in the Short Story Template there is but one sort of colored text – hex code: #1085D6 – a sort of cerulean blue.