Finding the bar sign (...) in Scrivener

It seems that I’ve used the bar sign (…) incorrectly on some occasions, having added a comma after it. I want to find these throughout my text, but the search option doesn’t allow me to look for punctuation marks it seems. Is there a way to search for …'s?

Sorry for bumping my own post, but it seems to work when I select a … and then use ctrl-G followed by ctrl-F, instead of typing the …

This is probably due to auto-correct changing three periods into a single Unicode ellipsis character. Search fields don’t auto-correct, so it’s searching for three periods in a row and failing to find the single character. You can tell that it’s a single character by using your arrow keys to pass over it; only one press of an arrow key will be required to jump from one side of the … character to the other.

And speaking of using the arrow keys, if you add the Shift key to that test then you can select the character along with a comma, and then paste that into the search field.