Finding the comment that applies to a block of text

I’ve been using Scrivener since version 1.x but only just started making use of the comments feature. It’s easy to find what text a comment applies to (just click on the comment and the editing window will jump to the associated chunk of text), but what about the reverse? That is, I’ve got a document with many comments and, as I’m going through it, I’d like to find which comment applies to a chunk of text. Clicking within the marked text, or selecting some/all of it, doesn’t highlight or otherwise point to a specific comment. Is there a simpler way to do this than clicking through the comments one by one until I find the one that jumps to the chunk of text I’m looking for?

If this question has been answered before please point me to the relevant post. I’ve done some searching and haven’t been able to find anything addressing this specific question.

Following up to my own question: Before posting the question, I’d made multiple attempt to click on or select text associated with a comment but nothing I tried resulted in the relevant comment being identified. However, after quitting Scrivener and coming back to it a few days later, I encountered different behavior. Now, when hovering over text associated with a comment, the mouse pointer becomes a hand with a finger outstretched and clicking anywhere in that text the relevant comment is indicated (by a dark box appearing around it.)

I’m not sure why this didn’t seem to be working when I initially tried it, but it’s working now.

My memory might be wrong, but…
If the comments field in the inspector is visible, you should see the comments connected to a specific document as soon as you select the document in the Binder.