Finding the ruler

At some point when I first installed Scrivener for Windows, I turned off the ruler; now, I would really, really like it back (tabs are set in a silly manner) and I’d like to set up auto-indent. however, I can’t find the option to turn it back on. I looked in the manual, and the instructions said to look under View => Layout, where I should be able to show or hide the ruler. However, the option isn’t there.

I’ve looked everywhere, and I just can’t find it. I’m probably missing something painfully obvious, but could someone please help me out with this?

==still writing

It’s under the Format menu. The manual’s a tad out of date. :slight_smile: If you want to set up your editor defaults to use the first-line indent, you can do that under Tools>Options… in the Editor tab. That will set the formatting for new documents, and you can use Documents>Convert>Formatting to Default Text Style to change existing documents.

Well, that’s an interesting place for it. Thanks!