Finding where I was in the entire manuscript - also, v.3 bookmark question

I love Scrivener but sometimes I’ve overwhelmed by it. A couple I things I was curious about:

I have my novel manuscript set up the way most people do, I believe – 1 chapter per folder, plus several “Scrivenings” inside each folder for individual scenes within the chapters.

I prefer to write within the specific scrivenings, not within the whole document. But this doesnt allow me to see what page number I’m on within the entire manuscript, only the page number I’m at within the scrivening.

Does anyone know a work around for this so I can see my progress within the entire manuscript, not just within the scrivening?

My other question: am I wrong in thinking there’s no way, in the new v3, to divide the bookmarks into different categories?

Also, re: v3 bookmarks – , I find that they’ve made it much more complicated to mark a bookmark in the manuscript. It used to be Shift/command/B and then there would be an asterisk noting where the specific bookmark was within the document.

Now you hit shift/command/B and it brings up a menu and you have to sift through each window until you are able to find the exact scrivening you want to bookmark, and unless I’m doing something wrong, it doesnt let you bookmark a specific place within the scrivening, just the scrivening itself (and there’s no visible asterisk shown at all)

It’s very possible I’m just using some of these features incorrectly, but would love for someone to comment or correct me in implementing them. Thanks!