Finding where Scrivener files stored after computer crash

Hi. I mostly use my MAC for scrivener but in the early days used my personal computer. It just had a crash (I am unable to operate my mouse) and am trying to upload everything to onedrive.

I just did a search for what I was able to salvage to onedrive, and I serched the .scriv extension hoping it might have backed up in the general documents. The search only captured general documents relating to scrivener.

Does anyone know where to find them? Thanks so much.


Else, if your projects are not in File / Recent Projects anymore and you can’t open them, surely you can remember their name… and search for that.
If you search for zipped backups, you won’t find them looking for .scrivx as it is now part of a zipped package, or the .scriv folder either, as the extension was changed to .zip. (Although the folder should have remained present somewhere, as zipping a file actually clones it, no overwrite.)

What in this case do you mean by general documents relating to Scrivener? Do you often put “.scriv” in the names of loose text files or images (etc) that you create about Scrivener? That’s fine if you do, but I’m wondering if perhaps you’re mainly running into the old Mac vs PC difference in what projects look like on the latter. You might also try searching for “.scrivx”, which would be the actual file inside the project folder that you double-click on to load it, on PC.

Otherwise though, there is no general “look here” answer that any of us can provide, since the software asks where to save each project you create, and you’re free to put them wherever you want—on this external disk or that one, in this partition or the main C: partition, or Documents, or some subfolder of a Desktop…