Fine-tuning custom themes

Is there an easy way to go through ALL of the colors in a Scrivener theme? There’s colors I can’t find from Preferences->Appearance (the one that’s the impetus for the thread is the selected document background color in the Outliner). Being able to directly edit a file with hex codes would be a lot easier.

Are there any tutorials for messing with the .stheme files? Or anything?

Hex is there:

I’m looking for information about changing the .stheme file directly.

Also, you’ll notice, of those four color options, none of them are responsible for the selected document in the Outliner.

You want to change the color of a document?

No, I am trying to change the color of the selected document in the Outliner. In this image, the color is dark green.

Isn’t that the background color? As for the .stheme, you can find it and open with TextEdit, but it looks like a mess.

If it is, it is not changing when I change the background color. It does not match any of my other colors for this theme, but it does match another custom theme, so it must come from somewhere.

The .stheme file I have doesn’t have something I can interpret as colors. Is there a way to translate whatever this stuff is into something like hex?

I said it’s a mess. Maybe they don’t want us editing those files directly.

This is Apple! You can’t expect them to use a simple and rational way of doing anything, not if there is a complicated alternative that they can break every so often with upgrades (indeed, how they store colour information in plist files actually broke recently, which is why the latest Scapple upgrade reset colour settings). :smiley:

Basically, it’s a base64 encoded binary pickled colour object. So in theory you could hex edit the decoded value (the RGB values are strings), encode the result and drop it back into the plist. Most would find just using the GUI easier, and there is nothing in there you don’t have access to that way.

As for this particular colour though, you don’t have direct control over it because it is using the system default accent colour—same colour you get when selecting items in Finder, for instance, or what you see as a halo around index cards.

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I was trying to use base64 to decode the strings in there but it gets gobbled up when I run it through a decoder. There’s obviously something, as we can see our cute little “Copyright Apple Inc., 2017”

Regardless, thank you for solving the mystery of that color! It perfectly matched the previous custom theme I had, and I had to make some adjustments in the files because images kept getting stuck as backgrounds, affecting non-custom themes. I thought it’d be something like that here. Good to know I have the power to change it… if I feel like changing my whole accent color. :slight_smile:

Good to know I have the power to change it… if I feel like changing my whole accent color.

Yeah! With more software now using that colour inside the software design, I’ve started using the grey accent setting, because that the very least doesn’t clash with most things.

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I have a deep love of clashing things. My previous custom theme was simply called “Vile,” and with good reason haha. Thank you so much for the info so I can make sure things clash on my own terms. ^w^

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