Finished novel on Amazon, Smashwords, etc


Scrivener is the find of the year. It is a marvelous product. I now have my first ebook on various resellers and the technical credit goes to Scrivener. Once my blog is installed/set up, I will have kind words to offer.

And I am 33% into my next book, I have the environment set up for book 2 of the trilogy and I have a thriller in draft mode - lots of work in front of me.

Thanks guys.


John Hindmarsh
Broken Glass - Book one - Glass Complex trilogy.

Hi John,

Many thanks for the kind words, much appreciated! Fantastic to hear that you’ve used it to publish your e-book, too. Good luck with the sales!

Thanks again and all the best,

P.S. I like the clean, professional look of your web page, by the way.