Firefox 3.0

Yup released Tuesday (June 17,2008).

Looks more like Safari and fits the Leopard GUI look better. Faster. Supposed to be more secure.

Did I mention that it was of course FREE?

Been using happily since B3.

This version is really quite good. Safari would require some very neat tricks to tempt me back.

Thank you for pointing this out. I just installed Firefox 3.0, and it works faster, with a better interface and, in my case, it’s much easier to use, because you can move around without taking your hands off the keyboard.

Oooh, i’m gonna go download it now. I like Safari, I just wish it was a little better…

Certainly seems a smooth little critter so far. :slight_smile:

I just downloaded 3.0 and it was quick and easy. The tabs resemble Safari, but that’s where the comparison ends. Safari has a lot of catching up to do.

…Except in speed and rendering accuracy, which to me are by far the most important features in a web browser :wink:

I would actually say that Safari (Webkit) is actually leading the way and Firefox is on the path of starting to try to catch up. The next release of Safari with SquirrelFish will be very nice.

Don;t get me wrong it is nice to see FireFox finally updated but as far as speed goes Safari/Webkit is leading hands down…

I like both browsers but prefer Safari. I just wish it had adblocking similar to Firefox. I was shocked to see ads in Gmail b/c I’d gotten so used to not seeing them with the Customize Google extension in Firefox. I’ve tried Pith Helmet for Safari and it worked until very recently… I still spend more time using Safari though.

FF3 users, type about:robots into your address bars and be amused.

Another cool thing is that you can make it look very “macish”, by using one of the GrApple themes.

You can find these on Firefox add-on page or at

– MJ

Anthony, thank you for the robots bit of fun

“Your Plastic Pal Who’s Fun To Be With!”

FF is much improved, and the bells and whistles seem less chaotic. Still, they are bells and whistles, most of them, and I prefer a functional browser to a cute one. I’ll stick with Safari for now.


WHat if my plastic pal is actually metal (and a little rusty)?

Walle anyone :slight_smile:

Looks OK (I’m not a big fan of Safari) but I realised too late that I’d lose some of my really useful plugins (losing Firebug is a bit of a disaster for me). I’m hoping that they get updated soon.