First Big Thing ...

First big thing I’ve noticed, that I’ve never really noticed before.
Now, grant you, this is in regards to last year’s NaNovel, which I wrote almost entirely in WriteorDie, because I was behind for most of the month. Since I normally write at a more leisurely pace, maybe it’s not true of all my writing, but … my scenes are long. Not only are they long, but they cover tons of stuff. My character gets up, makes a skirt, goes on a long train/bus ride (complete with creepy guy bugging her), visits with her dad, has dinner, and comes back home and goes to sleep all in one scene. How do I synopsize that?
By breaking my scene down further … without necessarily changing the fact that it’s one scene.
What I’m saying is, thank you, Scrivener, for this unique look at my writing. I don’t think I would have had the opportunity to notice this in any other setting.

Thanks very much - glad Scrivener has proved its worth!