First chapter not numbered

I am sure I am doing something dumb, but I can’t figure this one out. I have a binder that only has Level 1 Folders and each folder has a number of Level 1 Text documents, all nested under Manuscript. When I compile the file, the first chapter gets the name: CHAPTER, the second chapter gets the name CHAPTER ONE, the third CHAPTER THREE and so on… Why is the first chapter skipped? I can’t figure it out…


Hi, iulianionescu. I understand that Scrivener treats folders sort of alike independently of the level they are in, and distinction is made upon the transitions Text-to-Folder and Folder-to-Text depicted in the Compile|Separators settings, based upon the ‘+’ symbol’s presence (or absence) which, in turn, move the chapter counters.

Are you using the Novel or the Novel with Parts template?

The separators shouldn’t be making a difference here; the title and “Chapter N” prefix are controlled in the compile Formatting. Here you do distinguish different types of files–folders, document groups, and single documents–and levels within those types.

iulianionescu, I think if you could provide a screenshot of your binder showing the manuscript folder with the folders and files below, at least some of it, that would be most helpful. With that, indicate which are the “Chapter” items that are compiling with the different numbering. You mentioned having Level 1 folders containing Level 1 documents, but files that are subdocuments of a Level 1 item would be Level 2. I don’t know if that’s relevant here or not, but the screenshot should help clarify.