First gig since 2006

Today I performed original music in public for the first time since 2006. It was weird.
Part of what was so weird, was that all the pre-gig tension wasn’t unfamiliar - it was so totally familiar.

I didn’t sing as in tune as might be considered ideal, but you know what - that’s cool. I felt it went well anyway.

Am buzzing still, slightly

If the recordings I made are any good at all, then I will upload something onto a myspace page somewhere and send you a link. If not then… tough!

Hope everyone is well!

Love and tasty, tasty chocolate muffins

never mind about, ‘in tune’!! Did y` get paid for it :open_mouth:

A tip for coping with pre-gig tension: gerra coulple or three pints o guiness down y neck. Tharrll sort y out :smiley:

Keep On Rockin`


You realize that “rockin’” may be in direct conflict with the dear Sebbi’s intentions? I have a feeling that Sebbi may not be desiring a rockin’ label. Then again I could be wrong.


Skip the booze and remember that the pre-gig hurl is part of the fun. Enjoy the feeling while you can. Once it is gone you will probably wish you could get it back.

Hey, Sebbi! Congratulations, man! :mrgreen: Send us the link to your video clip!

That would be correct - I wouldn’t say my rockin’ days are over, but they’re definately not what I’m trying to relive right now.

Young master Sebastian,
The fool vic-k, deals in the medium of metaphor :wink:

Rock on Tommy!
Le D :smiling_imp:

Congats Seb! It is always nice to play in front of people whether you get paid or not just the feeling of being on stage is its own high entirely.

I remember those pre-gig jitters rather fondly… well vaguely remember. For some reason people in the crowd had this bad habit of buying us guys shots of tequila and then would come up on stage while we were playing and give us our “shot” or two or twelve…

It is hard to play punk rock guitar at a very fast tempo, sing backups, avoid stage divers, and take shots at the same time. For some weird reason I think the crowd found it funny to NOT give us a shot between songs but rather during a song then they would exit the stage by stage diving off…

So needless to say I know about those jitters your talking about but for some odd reason I relate that feeling with the taste of tequila …

Since your sound is one of a more refined nature Sebbi I raise a glass in your honor and offer you a fresh pot of tea. :slight_smile:

Excellent stuff - especially if it’s Roiboosh

Yes - as a theatre-maker, the idea of going on stage under the influence is slightly unthinkable.

It’s odd - I got into performing via being in a band, then since the band split, I’ve done ALOT of performing and none of it has been music! In any other performance context I don’t get jittery, but then I’m also not used to performing alone.