First impressions using version 3 beta (Windows)

Congratulations, the GUI/design looks really beautiful - I honestly cough think it looks better than the macOS version, which is something I never thought I’d say about a Windows program. I can potentially see this outselling its macOS sibling.

It’s nice to see sharp text (I’m using a Quad HD Dell XPS) although the dropdown menu arrows and template file images are still pixelated (I’m not complaining this is still a beta and the visual brush up probably comes near the end).

A couple of other things, which you are probably aware of: the default text size on new files in the Editor reverts to 100% even if you set it to, say, 120% in settings, and the sidebar button doesn’t toggle open and closed (you have to use the dropdown selection, or the keyboard shortcut, which is a lot slower).

I can’t wait to use this once its out of beta (in conjunction with the macOS and iOS apps)! It’s a really great job all round, and refreshing to see something looking as good as a macOS app on Windows.

If you haven’t already, I would suggest creating posts in the Beta Testing forum for each of the bugs you’ve listed here, so that they can be officially logged.

I haven’t had time to really poke yet, with Thanksgiving and all, but it’s generally been pretty smooth. I do wish that the tutorial showed which icons you’re looking for, since I don’t know the new ones, yet, but it’s kind of a picky detail. The 3.0 beta seems to be smoother than the 1.0 beta. :slight_smile:


Sorry if this is a silly question but I have yet to find a link where I can download Beta 3. Can someone point me towards the link so that I can add something intelligent to the discussion :smiley:


Try this topic:

Look for the hyperlink at the bottom of the post.

Got it, and I have also bookmarked that topic to refer back to.

Many thanks Devon!