First Impressions

These are my first impressions.

I love the cork board feature and the full screen mode. Outlining and working in scenes will make editing so much easier. And the trash can that isn’t, love it.

Big applause.

I don’t like that I can’t double space but I guess that will come. I went ahead and started a document, but I’m so used to typing in double spaced text that I found the single spacing disorienting.

In word you can view the screen at 100% or 70%- what ever floats your boat. I use a net-book. At home I connect it to a monitor, but when is on the go I have a much smaller screen. In word you can also minimize and maximize the tool bar in word. I don’t know if these features are part of scrivener or not, but these are two features use everyday.

I don’t know if it’s a bug, but I live in Korea. My laptop is Korean/English. In word this has created problems with my spell checker and I’m constantly having to tell it not to use Asian typography under the paragraph level. Annoying, but I can live with it.

Scrivener keeps populating a warning that it doesn’t recognize the dictionary on my computer. This sometimes causes the program to freeze, and for whatever reason this prevents me from using the help menu but it’s beta so not really concerned.

I am concerned about the dictionary itself. I don’t expect an English/Korean dictionary anytime soon, but I’m not sure if scrivener has default dictionary to use when it can’t import that data my computer. It and consequently spell check doesn’t work on my computer at all. (Maybe the spellchecker isn’t working for anybody right now? Or scrivner doesn’t have one?)

Being able to select all and set the first line to indent is a feature in word I’ve just started using but love so I’d like to see that too.

I know the programmers are working their tails off to get this ready and I’m very excited about the full version.


M.R. you win post of the day for me. I don’t want to assume that you are a non-native speaker of english. This sentence made my day.

I think only you can determine if you living in Korea is a bug.

The dictionary/spellcheck/non-Englishlanguage support are all currently half-worky, so that’s why you keep having problems.

I believe the current fix roadmap is to first take care of a few more small, minor ones, then dig into the big ones related to text formatting, and then from there head to language support and such. This may also change depending on time, effort, and whatever else comes.

The zoom thing, though…hm, I don’t actually know that one. I never mess with it, and I hate it when people send me documents in Word with the zoom turned up to 200% or something. But that’s just me; I understand why you’d want it.

You may adjust spacing of an individual file with the last button on the ribbon, to the far right. See the bottom of the menu, Spacing…

But if you want double spacing as a default, go to Preferences: Formatting: Main Text Style and set everything there the way you want it. Then all your files will open with that default style.

For a default screen zoom of 70%, you set that in Preferences: Editor: Default Text Zoom. There’s no 70%, but 75% is available.

kdbertel- Thanks. That’s good to know. There is a lot to love about this program and I look forward to its release.

Druid- are you using the Beta version? None of these buttons exist for what I’ve downloaded and I’ve got the most up to date version as far as I know. Anyway thanks. Now I know where to look.

Please be sure to post this in the ‘Bug Hunt’ section of the Windows forum. We are currently trying to send our Windows developer to Korea in order that he may replicate the bug and provide a quick fix. However, we are struggling to find a flight that will take him directly from Australia; so please bare with us.
The L&L Team are really working their socks off, so please do not be worried if your bug-report receives an instant reply.

All the best,
From the Literature & Latte Team

At last, I’ve been cloned! Now get those bugs squashed, clone!

Does this mean I get a free copy of Scrivener 2.0?