First is sharing

First: excuse me for my bad english.

Second: my best requirement is sharing and clouding.
I want share the source work (in platform common format) in the same cloud drive - a proprietary space, dropbox (like Plaintext), sugarsync, otixo webdav
I will like save in cloud with mac at home and outside continue in my ipad NEVER EXPORTING, also if i desire an RTF and PDF and TXT exportation and mailing sending.
Is realy necessary advice in case of contemporary works and save the versioning because i need to share the same document with co-authors, and to be shure, make a local backup in my device every (automatic) syncing.

Third: a good product with the best funcion of full version Well integrated - a good model is Apple Pages and his info panel and toolbar. Shure, I need styles and grafic insert (working with Images Collection and some online sharing image service, like Picasa, Flickr, Twitter, Facebook or Posterous). A perfect solution for both version will be a workflow integration with Amazon KDP and CreateSpace and may be
For me the corkboard is not so important as snapshot, notes, footers and headers, comments, annotations, scratch pad, Research, full empty screen, split screen, project notes, collections and statistics.
If you couldnt make stay all in the same one app, create 2 app for scrivener: we both buy certainly.

DO NOT USE THE “OPEN IN …” excamotage: we have dozeen of applications and it is impossible that this works.

Four: “to continue…”

Thanks for your work

I couldn’t agree more. It doesn’t matter what else we do, if you have to jump through half a dozen hoops before you can pick up your device and start working, then the app’s not going to be an easy fit into many people’s workflow.