First line indent

In books, the first line of each paragraph has no indent.

Could you make it possible (in the windows version) to remove all first-line-of-paragraph-indents? It seems this feature is available on mac already, and it is quite important when you don’t want to set margins manually in an entire book.

This feature already exists on the Mac. For one you can just write without indents in the editor if you want. The default formatting settings use indents, this is true, but all of that is up to you. You can change the default typing formatting in the Tools/Options... window, under the Editor tab. Just use that mock editor to make things look right. That’s for you though, of course, while writing. You could of course set the compiler to “Original” and have it use your formatting for the output, but if you are using a compile setup that changes the font and other formatting attributes, then you can adjust the first-line indent in the Formatting compile option pane instead.

Potential point: you at the end make mention of using indents to manipulate margins, so maybe I’m just reading you wrong. Are you attempting to use the paragraph indent feature to set page margins? If so there is a much easier way of doing that—but it should already be set up to a sensible default, so I don’t know why it would not be. Margins are configured in the Page Settings compile option pane.

Lastly, there is never a reason to add feature requests for things that are already in the Mac version; we haven’t had time to program and test them in the Windows version, yet. Nearly everything you see in the Mac version is a de facto to do list for the Windows version, as it has been.

Glad to hear this, Amber :slight_smile: It’s not exactly what the OP is asking, but the ‘to do’ Mac feature I really want is the Compile->Formatting->Options->“Remove first paragraph indents” one. Really minor, but it would mean I could remove almost all of the extra work I need to do to compile my ebooks and paperbacks :slight_smile:

Any idea where this is on the de facto to do list? Thanks!

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There is no need to ask for, or to bump request for, features that are already in the Mac version. They will be coming, but we cannot say when, and you must remember that everyone has something different that they would like to see implemented first.

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Oops. I stand politely slapped down :slight_smile: