First line indents

I have several documents I started writing with first-line indents. I want to eliminate these (to try out MMD), but cannot figure how to do so. Changing the ruler tab in Preferences seems to affect new documents, but not existing ones.

Any suggestions?

Thanks - Sophie

In the edit menu (I think - sorry, my copy of Scrivener is not with me) there is an option to convert the file to default formatting.


Please see the FAQ (in either the forum or the Help file) for the answer to this.

Searched for “indent” in the FAQ and could not find anything. Perhaps an actual pointer + a admonition to RTM would be useful :slight_smile:


“Convert to default formatting” is the function you use to turn existing files into the format you specified in the preferences.

I haven’t looked at the tutorial for a long while but I suspect it’s in there as well as the FAQ. Everything else is :slight_smile:

(PS: it’s in the Documents menu, not the Edit menu, because it is something applied to documents.)

If you read through the list of questions in the FAQ you will find it pretty quickly. It’s the one about applying text preferences not affecting current text.