First Manuscript (105k) COMPLETE!

I… I can hardly believe it. But my first manuscript is finished at 105k words! An editor has picked it up, and though I asked for developmental editing, she responded that she thinks it’s ready to focus on just copy editing, with just a few minor suggestions on development Thank you Keith and L&L for this amazing piece of software!

Because I like to eat elephants whole, I chose to write my first novel in a fantasy realm of my own imagining, I had so many issues. This completed manuscript is actually the third time this book has been written, but the first time it will be seen by any eyes other than my own.

Scrivener allowed me to always save snapshots and quickly find the parts I wanted to keep from old attempts. From my first attempt when I wrote myself in a corner, to my second attempt when I tried to “sound like a real author” (that backfired…I hated my own writing!), to finally finding the style that worked for me, I never had to worry about throwing the baby out with the bath water, thanks to Scrivener. It also served me through multiple magic system overhauls, dozens of map iterations, and more name changes for characters and places than I could ever count.

I can’t definitively state that this novel wouldn’t have happened without Scrivener…but it certainly would be a huge mess. The fact that not only my beta readers that I know personally, but even strangers are able to immerse themselves in my world and enjoy it is a tribute to how well Keith and his team (shout out to with Windows team aslo! - I’m a x-platform user) designed their software with writers in mind.

Looking forward to sharing my book with you all once the editing process is complete!



Congrats! Agree with everything you write about Scrivener as a toolbox for writers. But it was YOU who used the tools and YOU that finished that draft. Kudos!

Well done, and good luck!

Congratulations! I’m glad Scrivener helped a little along the way. Good luck with the editing and getting it out there.

All the best,