First novel wrote totally in iOS

Wrote my first novel “Dark Wave” totally on an IPad 9.7 Published on Amazon two weeks ago. Very happy with most functions of scrivener iOS. Wish they had more formatting options such as drop caps. Maybe powers to be can be convinced to add some more features for those who don’t want to use Mac or windows for final product. Main reason is I live on a sailboat and love the freedom the iPad gives me in writing. What have other people done to finalize your novel for the likes of amazon?

If your novel is really written in order to get engagements, it should get tons of likes. Did you share it on other sites either?

I think “for the likes of Amazon” in this case means “for outlets like Amazon,” rather than literal “likes” of digital engagement.

“the likes of” is an idiomatic expression meaning “things/people/places like this example.” You hear it in UK most often, IIRC.

“I haven’t seen the likes of it for 20 years.”

There can be an element of derision in the expression as well, as in:

“I don’t have to explain myself to the likes of you.”

It often has a sense of “otherness” conveyed to the group:

“Think your better than us, now you’re working with the likes of him?”