First Page Header setup woes

Greets to all!

Scriv/writing noob (1.51) - trying to learn how to Compile a manuscript (for that joyful day when it IS done!), and finding some confusion getting the First Page Header (Short Story) set up.

Is there any place I’ve missed where one can set up personal profile, i.e. name, address, telno, email so it will ‘automagicially’ appear in the First Page Header like word count and page numbers do?

I’ve been trying to simply type in the info in the default First Page Header that comes in when you start a new project, and the formatting seems to break. I put my name, hit return put address, and if it gets too long, Scriv/TextEdit breaks the line (no CR). When I try and put spaces in, it seems to be doing some sort of word-wrap to about a 24 character line. Is this a bug or feature?

It isn’t really either a feature or a bug, in that sense. Scrivener is strictly what you see is what you get. If you want to format things on a page, you’ll need to use the various ruler and font controls to make them look the way you want them to. Press Cmd-r to reveal the ruler. Chances are you are just in a section that has the margins set narrow and that is why you are only getting a limited amount of text on a line.

There really isn’t anything like a form you can fill out with all your information. So it is best to think of the application as designed to combine many (possibly hundreds) of little rtf files and turn them into a single document during compile. What goes into those documents is entirely up to you.


As for fields - Scrivener 2.0 will allow this for templates, where your name and address from your Address Book can be automatically filled in. But not in 1.x.

As for the formatting issue - the title page in the short story and novel templates actually has a table in it to hold the address and word count information. The table contains two columns, so you are probably just reaching the edge of the column. You can’t see the table because it has no border, so go to Text > Table… and assign a border temporarily so that you can see it, then drag the middle line of the border to the right to allow more room for your text.

Hope that helps.
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