First paragraph of chapter indenting

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I don’t want to indent the first paragraph of my chapters, and am not doing so as I write. However, in spite of the fact that I don’t indent in the main tool, when I compile, Scrivener automatically indents the first paragraph for me. How do I turn this off, and tell the compiler to use what was done in the writer as the basis for how to indent paragraphs in the output (if that makes sense)?

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In the “Formatting” pane of Compile, you will want to turn off “Override text formatting” - or, if you want to override things, click on the “Options…” button in that pane and choose not to override indents.

Alternatively, you can override everything, but turn off first paragraph indenting by choosing one of the options in that self-same “Options…” pane (in the “Formatting” pane of Compile).

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You’ve got two choices. One thing you can do is switch the formatting off entirely. I don’t recommend that if all you want to do is fix the indent, because that feature will keep your book clean and up to standards no matter what you do in the editor; that can be liberating to work this way (even if just for the ease of mind in knowing there won’t be any messed up tab stops somewhere forgotten). However if you really don’t mind writing in double-spaced lines (or whatever it is you need) on output, then you can turn all of it off by unchecking the “Override text and notes formatting” in the Formatting compile options pane.

To compromise, you can instead click the “Options…” button to the right of that setting, and there you’ll see a setting to remove first paragraph intents. Select the pattern that will work best with how you’ve structured your book in the Binder (or other compile settings).

Thanks a lot guys, that did it.

My goodness, I had no idea Scrivener was getting so sophisticated.



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