First project completed

Well, I’ve just finished my first trial-but-in-earnest-for-a-deadline project in Scrivener: a short essay of 2000 words. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that it went swimmingly - apart from the early data loss incident, obviously, which was the result of a particularly virulent combination of user error, arthritic fingers and a total lack of understanding of Undo stacks on my part!

Things I loved – the corkboard (haven’t played with index cards for years, becauase I’m too lazy to type them up afterwards) – the split window with Research notes at the bottom and draft document at the top – the ability to read the doc through all at once or in odd juxtapositions, using scrivenings, yet still to be able to see which paragraphs are grouped together because of page shading – being able to label documents and folders so that their icons change colour and you can easily identify the ones that need urgent work – the full screen editor (nothing to distract me, not even the ends of pages, or the dock - wow!) – and quite a lot of other things, but this is starting to look like a features list, which wasn’t what I intended

Things I didn’t love – um, can’t think of any.

Great software, which greatly simplified a rather messy assignment. Thank you. And now, I’m off to try it out with a bigger project :slight_smile:

Thank you. :slight_smile: