First release of Scrivener for Windows - Eight years ago today

Congratulations on eight great years!!

Thanks to the team, and especially to Keith and Lee. I’ll always live in Scrivener, because it’s not just a writing tool. It’s a supreme infokeeper.

Cheers – Jerome

Yes, congratulations indeed, and happy birthday/anniversary!

I separated 40 bucks from my stash back in December, 2011 and bought v1. Best 40 I’ve spent in a long time. It took a while to get where I am today, but without Scrivener, I’d still be out in the back yard digging holes to bury my writing software frustrations. Thanks to all for great writing software that, recent beta update or not, is the best by far.

Hi there,

I’ve been using this thing for a little better than two years now. I’m on my third novel using it after using (honestly) every build of MS Word. I used to wistfully mourn for the return of Word 7 - where they finally got it right for writers anyway. BUT, having used Scrivener I have no interest in even looking at Word ever again! There are things I’d love to see it do. I won’t go into that here. There are things I wish every software would do that it doesn’t, and when you get down to it there are things I wish my dog would do, my wife would do, my kids would do, the yardman would do…and I’m sure they have the same wishes about me!

Suffice to say, this software does what I need it to do. The forum here, though kind of difficult to translate at times, is all kinds of helpful as well. Congratulations on the anniversary. Many happy returns!