First review of BONE MACHINES

My first review, and sounds like a rave. I couldn’t be more thrilled: …

Very very cool!!!

Big time congrats, John. May the reviews just get better and better.



Wow. Good wow, not bad wow.

Mind if I ask a question regarding publicity/getting reviewed?

Well done John! (If I could find a thumbs-up smiley I’d use it, profligately.)


Thanks, guys. I really need a review like this in The Sun if I’m going to make any money. But I’d settle for The Guardian or the Independent - or a Richard and Judy sticker on the cover!

Thanks, guys. I really need a review like this in The Sun if I’m going to make any money. But I’d settle for The Guardian or the Independent - or a Richard and Judy sticker on the cover!

upon request

Move over Rankin…here comes [size=150]Dodds[/size]

Heartiest congrats :laughing:


Wow, many, many congrats. What a wonderful review. Extremely cool!!!


Nice one !

I suffer from a logical mind.
Why not stick a Richard and Jody stamp[u] on the book. Thats what I would do but as I have no morals remorse or friends you might take me as a warning.

Of notice to other writers the publishers are asking for submissions based on given criteria. Go to the website and start taking the pro-plus tablets.

Congratulations again.



Looks like a rave review to me, too. Congratulations.

Well done.

Of course, you never take any notice of the reviews…

(And I’ve actually been to Stornoway, but it was 40+ years ago)

Pip pip!

Congratulations John. I’ll be sure to order some copies to sell in my bookstore as soon as the swedish distributors start importing them. Hopefully soon as 350.000 titles from Gardners are rumoured to be available shortly for all bookstores to order without having to go through complicated import procedures.
And good luck in the future,

Congratulations! This is wonderful! :smiley:

Thanks so much, everyone, I appreciate your comments. I’m trying to find an agent at the moment, but most are inviting me to submit my next book (which is only a quarter finished).

Any of you got an agent, or know anything about the process?

Not me. I’m not finished with my first novel yet, so there’s no point in wasting an agent’s time.

Hi John,

Some people say it’s harder to get a literary agent than it is to get a publisher. I lucked out and got one, but it was pure serendipity. She’s inundated with proposals, manuscripts, and even finished books. Though she’d like to (she loves working with authors), she can’t handle any more. And I think her situation is not unique. Agents — at least good ones with track records — are flooded.

Agents handle fiction a little differently from non-fiction (which is the area I’ve been working in). For non-fiction you need to go the book proposal route, but I’ve been told that for fiction (unless you’re an established, name author) you generally have to have a version of a book proposal, plus a good portion of the book itself. The proposal is designed to intrigue the agent (or the agent’s readers) so that they invest the time to read the book. At that point there may, or may not, be the opportunity to talk further.

My sense is that you may have a leg up already. You have published. Your first book is out there in the marketplace. If you have a good review or several (I know you’ve got at least one that’s very positive), you should include those in your book proposal. Also sales numbers will be very useful.

I’ve discovered that book marketing is a world unto itself and it’s a full-time job. The better you can get yourself known, through media, readings, interviews, or whatever, the better your chances of getting an agent, finding a publisher, and selling books. Do everything you can to get yourself and your first book known. Even the smallest articles, blurbs, or interviews (like the one I posted recently) have an impact. But none is enough by itself, the impact is cumulative.

Hope this helps,