First steps in Scivener

Hi everybody.

I’ve just signed up here. I’m a Scrivener novice and am having a lot of trouble with it; the most pressing problem I’m having is to add folders to the Binder. One of the YouTube tutorials highlighted the use of an Outline Folder and Scene Cards. I’ve not been able to find/set up an Outline folder, except for creating a folder beneath one of the other headings (template, for example), and I can’t find a scene card anywhere.

Could someone please advise?



Have you done the interactive tutorial? If not, do it and then come back if you still have questions.

Hi Lunk

I worked my way through the full tutorial. There was so much material to work through that by the time I began to load my work into the program I’d forgotten a lot of it. So i turned to some basic YouTube tutorials to work out the basics - setting up the plot outlines folder and scene card folders, etc, but none of these are listed in the Binder. I’ve tried various YouTube tutorials and everyone’s Binder list is different to what I can see on mine.

I’m of a different generation and am struggling with this, tho am using it to develope my patience… :slight_smile:


Ah, I see that you’re exactly the same age as me

I need to catch up :slight_smile:


It all depends if you use a template or not, and if so which one.

The easiest way to start is to use the most basic one, and just start writing. Don’t spend a lot of time setting things up. Just write. You’ll learn along the way.

There are also a bunch of simple books which might help. The one who helped me most was probably ”Take control of Scrivener 3".

From Scrivener’s point of view “plot outlines” and “scene cards” are just names. You can create whatever folders you want, and call them whatever you like. See “The Binder” section in the Tutorial.