First three words of paragraph capitalized

What is it when the chapter starts with 3 capitalized words. I had Scrivener 2 forever, loved it. This new one is buggin me in so many ways. But I will catch on.

I apologize if this is a stupid question, but I am just having trouble with the interface. And i don’t know what it is called when the first three words are capitalized on every ‘Text’.
I just want to turn it off, and I am hoping there is a universal switch for it.


There’s a switch for that.

It’s in the New Pages tab in the Section Layouts Pane of the Compile Format Designer reached by double-Clicking (Editing and Saving) the Compile Format from the left column of the Compile Overview window that appears when you click the Compile Toolbutton in the Main Toolbar at the top of the Main application window.

Graphical User Interfaces…


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Thank you so much, I knew it would be simple. Just having a hard time getting used to the new version, GUI etc.

But you saved the day!
Thank you

After the Interactive Tutorial from the Help menu, may I advise a good book?