First time user and already have feature requests

Of the first three things I tried to do, two of them are not available:

1 - ability to set the background of a not to transparent rather than white and the ability to enlarge a note vertically without having to hit the return key a bunch of times. This would allow me to create Venn diagrams, which is what I hoped Scapple would support. They are a useful adjunct to organizing one’s thoughts.

2 - ability to draw simple shapes like the ones on page 6 (although I suppose its supposed to be a coffee cup stain. In some cases, when the subject is complex some notes are closely related to others and constitute a group. The connecting relationships (lines) sometimes need to be between the groups rather than between the notes. Without the ability to draw a box or circle around a group of notes, this cannot be accomplished easily.

You understand that so far I have spent 5 minutes with the app, but as soon as I saw the screen layout on your web site, these were expectations that developed immediately and prompted me to download the trial.

Thank you and I hope to see these capabilities added to Scapple real soon. :slight_smile: