First time user - noticing lag

Hi there.

So I installed the beta version for Windows today and I’m experiencing some significant lag between commands. Did a little searching and found a few posts saying the same thing, but hadn’t been responded to yet.

Running win 7 with the new patch and all. Wondering if this is something others have experienced as well and if it’s been rectified somehow?


Still experiencing this lag on reaction to typing. I am using Version for windows. I have noticed that the problem got worse once I installed 2 images in the document so I suspect it is a memory thing.

I have deleted the images but left them in the research folder and will include them at final editing. This seems to have improved the response time to keyboard commands.

A few things you can try:

  • Increase the auto-save interval in the General tab of Tools > Options, as it may be kicking in too soon and interfering with your typing or other work in the program.

  • Work in smaller sections, if you’re typically viewing multiple documents at a time in Scrivenings mode or viewing a lot of items (particularly photos) on the corkboard. Grouping items differently can let you load folders with fewer subdocuments on the corkboard.

  • Use smaller placeholder images inside your text, rather than the high-res ones you want to compile. Check section 15.5.2 in the user manual for information on linking external images (making it easy to swap them out for the full-size image at compile time).

  • Take a look to see what other software you have running while working in Scrivener, including programs that run from your initial start-up like password helpers or text expanders; aside from just taking up more memory, these could be specifically interfering with input in Scrivener, so preventing them from working in Scrivener might fix the lag problem.

Thanks for the tips. :wink:

Removing the images to the research file seems to have brought the speed back. In fact that is how I should have approached the project. There is no need to include them until editing and a comment in the location that the image should go is fine.