First Word in a Subdocument is Blue

This is probably a trivial question, but I would really appreciate some assistance. I have found that when I open up a subdocument and start typing, the first word in the subdocument is blue and underlined. The rest of the text is accurate to my actual formatting. I can’t figure out how to make it stop, and it’s playing merry heck with my attempts to paste in text from other documents, as pasting seems to make scrivener treat entire CHAPTERS of text as the first “word” and turn everything underlined blue. Now, there is an easy work around for this - just type a single word into the document before pasting in new text. But, I don’t want ANY words in my document to be blue. How do I turn this setting off?

Blue and underline sounds like a link format. Is your project using a Document template and does that template accidentally have the first character / word etc. formatted as a link / hyperlink? then every new document in the project would start with a link.