Fit Images to Paper

Hi everybody,

I’ve been using Scrivener for several years now and love it to bits. Recently I started using more images in my text and am beginning to be a bit bugged about the process. When I drag or copy-paste any given image into the text it is alway at a very large scale so it first looks like it completely broke everything. To fix this I have to right-click on the image, go to scale image and then set a size that’s somewhat appropriate to the paper.

For - every - single - image - every - single - time.

Is there a setting somewhere the explains Scrivener to auto-scale the image to fit the paper? IF I want it bigger or smaller I could still do that manually, but I cannot imagine that anybody would automatically want to have the picture to be 10x as big as the text.



People have used Scrivener to create graphic novels and picture books. You’d be surprised what people want. :slight_smile:

If you have a lot of images, your best bet is probably to use an image editing tool to resize them en masse.


Hi Katherine

Okay, so I didn’t overlook a feature then. :slight_smile:

I don’t use images “en mass” - it’s more like two or three a day to add a visual to a topic I am writing about. Usually I just drag something over from Aperture that fits the scene. I don’t mind the image-size in terms of pixels I just find it irritating that the image brakes the layout so badly before scaling it. Technically speaking Scrivener shouldn’t mind how many pixels there are. It should just check the width of the paper and scale the image size (not pixels) to fit the paper. After that everybody can do with it what they want. Scale it down even further to make it look more like a thumbnail or scale it up, leave it as it is, move it around, etc. But the first time the image is dragged into the paper it should properly display.

When I scale the image I have to scale it down to 450 points because I have my paper set to a small format. The image is imported at 72 DPI, maybe that is the problem. If the image is fit to the page automatically the resolution would maybe shoot up to 350 DPI but that wouldn’t be a problem - just the better if you want these images to be part of the print later on anyway.

It’s just a small annoyance but maybe something to think about for the next release…

The problem is that Scrivener doesn’t really understand “paper size.” It offers a page view mode as a convenience for authors who think in terms of pages, but it was never intended to act as a layout engine.

Remember that the final output page size can be completely different from the editor page size, and that authors can and do produce both electronic and print versions from the same Scrivener project. It’s not so easy to decide what Scrivener’s defaults for image scaling should be.