Fix an overwriteable Target for Compile

It would be nice if there was an option to “compile” directly, without going through all the intermediate windows. So I hit one keystroke/button and the current default target is compiled and overwritten (like compiling when writing code).

Currently you have to hit compile/hit compile again/select the export target/and say YES I want to overwrite. (Or am I missing something).

Additionally, the target folder sometimes seems to be forgotten. I end up writing my exported file into the folder of one of my other projects…

A little keyboarding can make this a bit easier. Opt-Cmd-E / Enter / Enter / Cmd-R (replace).

Note the use of Enter instead of Return. On a laptop or compact keyboard just hold down the Fn key; on a full-sized keyboard, use the Enter key in the numeric pad. Enter operates at the dialogue level rather than the entry point level, so even if the last thing you were doing in the compiler has a full text entry box that takes the Return key, Enter will still be equivalent to clicking the button.

As for not asking about replacement: I think that’s a dangerous idea. As you note, it’s the last project that calls Compile is the one that sets the default location. So if you are working with two different projects at once, you could end up accidentally overwriting the other’s compiled output—especially when banging on a sequence of keyboard shortcuts as quickly as possible.

So even if there was a Compile Express that just used your current settings, I think you’ll still want to have a file chooser to avoid blindly wiping out whatever you just compiled for another project.

Late reply (sorry, I’ve been away for a while)

Thanks for the keyboard shortcut, but I think the problem still remains. What’s more, you reply is not very convincing, at least to me. Perhaps it is because I come from the programming world. In every programming environment I’ve ever used, you set the build target in the setup. It is always in the same place, and you always overwrite it. To me, that is normal. You hit the build button, and you have a new final product (a executable in many cases). The overwrite problem between projects you talk of is caused by the fact that you don’t allow setting a fixed target…

Perhaps I’m just being misled by the word “Compile”.