[FIXED] Bug: High CPU usage after clicking on an external link

This bug only seems to happen in one case: linking to a FreePlane file.

If I create an external link with the format that FreePlane requires, it works as expected, but then the CPU usage of Scrivener goes to about 30% and stays there until I close Scrivener.

The FreePlane link format:

FreePlane is a Java application – if that makes any difference.

Windows 7 Home Premium
Scrivener Beta

EDIT: Tested again with Beta 8, Same problem. The task manager shows that Scrivener’s CPU goes up to about 28% and hovers around there. Closing the called program – FreePlane – has no effect.

I’m adding further information here rather than edit my original post, mainly to bump this thread up – to make sure it doesn’t fall through the cracks.

I don’t even have to double-click the bookmark to trigger the high CPU usage. Just selecting the bookmark in the Inspector causes the problem, because Scrivener tries to display an image of the file in the inspector.

Scrivener Beta 2.9.08 64-bit
Windows 7 Home Premium
FreePlane alpha 1.7.1-06

This bug no longer exists in beta 11.
I had also updated the version of the program I was linking to, FreePlane, so there’s a chance that program was the source of the problem.
Anyway, it’s working fine now.

Windows 7 Home Premium