(Fixed) Corkboard Index Card Options Broken?

Windows 10
Scrivener Version: - 06 Oct 2016

Changing index card sizing does nothing when changing the settings.
Also using View>Use Label Color In> works on Binders, Icons, and Outliner Rows but does not work for Index Cards

Additional Info:

I share through dropbox, with 3 devices. Desktop, Surface Pro 3, and Iphone.

SP3 is Windows 10, I open the exact same file and the changes I made show up fine. SO it seems the changes are being saved but they are not rendering on my Desktop?

So i just brought opened the same (updated file) form my SP3 and now it works, so disregard this I guess.

Just FYI, index card sizing works for me on Windows 7.

It has worked for me in the past as well, but I am not sure exactly when it stopped working. It may be something I am doing but I can not figure it out.