Fixed inability to open Scrivener after update

I did put in a ticket when I couldn’t open Scrivener after updates by both Scrivener and Win10.
This morning I right clicked ‘troubleshoot compatibility’ at the Scrivener icon, it took me through testing previous version of Scrivener, that worked, I clicked on ‘save these settings’ and said ‘no’ to ‘there is a newer version of Scrivener, do you want to install it’
It seems to be working fine.
Hope this helps someone…

Mine told me I was a colossal boob and that there were no prior versions to pull from. So I went ahead and went to download a previous version. Installed v1.9 over my 1.9.6 (found here: … ersion-1_9) and my program now opens ad it did before the latest and greatest fix. :mrgreen: