Fixed Indenting? (bad)

I indent dialogue. The problem is that when I hit return to start a new, non-dialogue line, Scriniver starts the new line at the same indention level as the dialogue, instead of going back to the normal. Even if I hit back again to remove the formatting and start a new paragraph, which works in every other program, scriniver just keeps indenting lines. It is extremely frustrating. I literally have to copy and paste a sentence that was formatting to the far left already, then delete everything, then retype it all again to finish one sentence.

How do I stop this from happening? How do I easily control indention levels on the fly? I love the organizational tools in scriniver, but (no offense) the text editor is missing some very basic formatting options.

Styles will do this for you. Set a style for the dialogue, set the next style to ‘none’ or whatever else you prefer.

You can then set up a hot-key for switching to dialogue, then when you hit return at the end of the line, it will revert to the normal text.

And if the idea of using a style for your dialogue doesn’t appeal (though I think that’s an excellent idea since you can change your mind about the level of indent or any other presentation aspect of them all at once, in the future), there is a shortcut that will revert the current paragraph to the settings found in the Editing: Formatting preference pane (what you get with a new file): ⌥⌘0, that’s zero. It’s also the “No Style” command found in the Styles dropdown on the Format Bar, and in the Format ▸ Style ▸ submenu. It has the dual function of stripping out the current style under the cursor, and in doing so, returning text to default formatting. So you’re mainly benefiting from the second effect there.

It does sound like you are used to using styles in other word processors though, because all word processors I’m aware of work the way Scrivener does if you just use ad hoc formatting while you write.

Hey and thank you for the reply. I looked into styles and found the option, but do not understand how to create colored text styles. When I click the + sign to create a new style, there are no options for font, font size, and the color box doesn’t work. How can I create a style without those options?

To clarify my last message–I am basically asking how to set up the new style. There seems to be no formatting options in the window for adding new styles. Thanks again!

First, set up some text with the formatting you want (indents, colour, etc.) Then select that text. THEN create a style; it will use the formatting in whatever text you have selected.

Hope this helps!