Fixed/Monospaced font for Kindle/mobi

Hi, folks,

I’ve tried the whole day to format my document for a Kindle Paperwhite with Courier New. I used mobi as file format and then uploaded the file to the Kindle with the Send-to-Kindle app from Amazon. But no way: the text on the Kindle display is in some proportional font.

When I generate a docx file with the same settings in Scrivener, it has the correct font, and with Calibre I can convert this into a mobi file which is displayed with a Courier font correctly on the Kindle.

What can I do to work around this problem? I do not want to use Calibre as an inbetween tool, because this introduces new problems, for example with the formatting of footnotes. So, a mere Scrivener solution is what I would like to have…

Thanks a lot in advance,