FIXED : UPDATE v. 1.31. :: Scapple UpGrade 1.3 Shows Menu, Preferences, etc. BUT it will not show Window

UPDATE :Scapple Version 1.31 FIXED PROBLEM

PRIOR MESSAGE: Upgraded from 1.2 to 1.3. First UpGrade Crashed each time I attempted to Open.

Downloaded Trial Version: Scapple: Opens with Menus but it will not SHOW a New Window, or Open a File from the Desktop or Elsewhere.

Trashed New Upgrade and Upgraded a Second Time: Scapple UpGrade now Opens but there are no Visible Windows to Work with.

Menu, Preferences, etc work. But no Window to Work on.

I also closed everything else and there were no other Windows open on the Desktop for Scapple to hide behind.

Mac 10.9

I just downloaded and installed the upgrade to v 1.3 (12) and now cannot open existing files or create new ones. I’m a registered user and am running on Mac OS 10.9.5.

Sorry You’re having the same problem,

For more info: I’m on an older MacPro Desktop. 2 x 266 GHz Dual-Core Xenon using 8 GB 667 MHz Ram. Osx 10.9


Since the problem appears to be related to opening a window, I’d reset my preferences. It could be you were using a background texture or some font setting that is at this point in time messing Scapple up when launched on an older operating system.

Unfortunately I cannot myself test anything as I dumped 10.9 several years ago.

Thanks for the Advice… However… I had tried changes Preferences earlier, but went again on Your Suggestion and changed more pell-mell to no avail.

v. 1.2 still works fine.

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Yeah, for anyone else running into this, for now you can download 1.2 from the release notes page. We are looking into it in the meanwhile.

Downloaded 1.2 as advised and running just fine. Thanks for the link. Will await developments with 1.3…


Please try downloading and reinstalling Scapple now. I’ve just released version 1.3.1 which should fix the issues with operating systems earlier than 10.10. Sorry for the inconvenience.

All the best,

v. 1.31 Fixed the Window Not Showing Up problem

Excellent. Just want to say too: I love Scapple AND Scrivener. They are Brilliant and are BOTH major assets to my Writing and Creativity.

They are part of my Creative Life EveryDay.

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