Fixed width editor background behavior when zooming?

Hello helpful folks,

I just switched to Scrivener 3 after many years on 2.x. On the old version, I had what was then called “text background” set to white and what was “page background” set to grey, with a fixed editor width. When I zoomed, my text got bigger but was bounded by the fixed width, so the grey on either side remained regardless how much I zoomed in.

In Scrivener 3, the zooming behaves differently – it obeys fixed width (which is turned on) but the “editor background color” area gets larger as I zoom in, quickly covering up the “fixed width background” (which I set to grey).

Does that make sense? And is there any way to get back to the behavior of v2.8?

I edit zoomed in to 300%, which, at 12 pt font a new-ish Macbook Air, gives me about a 70-character line. And at this point, the grey color I set for the fixed with background is no longer visible. I only use main editing mode, non-composition, not page view etc.

thanks for great software!

Yes it does.

Should you have the ruler displayed,

you’d see that you are zooming the editor, not the font or content.

If that is how you want to use the editor (that zoom level), perhaps pick a bigger font instead, or make your fixed width much narrower.

Note that this may be confusing since the editor also starts to become narrower past the point where the fixed width falls outside of the displayed zone.

You may also want to try and see if page view suits you better, tho it behaves the same as far as the background is concerned.