fixed width in editor

I write on a wide monitor and the text in my editor expands to fill all of the space making it difficult to read. So if I toggle the inspector on or off the appearance of the text drastically changes.
I want to set a fixed width of text but every search brings me to instructions for mac which don’t work for my windows version I’m sure there is a simple answer but I can’t figure it out.

I may be wrong, I don’t think you can on the current Windows version.

IIRC it was one of those things that was available on the old version of the Mac but not on Windows because the toolkit on Windows didn’t allow it.

But fixed width windows are definitely available on the new Windows version (V3), which should be out in the next few weeks (they’re at a late beta stage now). Version 3 is a huge step forward in features / usability and brings the Windows version very close to the one on the Mac.

Ok, I thought I was going crazy. I mean if you go full screen mode there is a slider bar for paper width. It seems strange you can’t do that in the editor.

Hello Megamoo.
Maybe setting your margins in Tools / Options / Editor can help. Use the graphical dispay to set narrower margins ( the two sliders at the bottom of the format ruler. I use this to stop the text bouncing around when opening and closing the inspector.
Just remember to overwrite the formatting when compiling (tick box) to ensure your document is correctly formatted for printing.

Yes that worked. I’m pretty sure I tried that before and it didn’t work. I see it only applies to new documents. Must have missed that before. Thank you ARGOED.