flagging certain strings

Is there a way to do a word search and automatically recolor those words all at once somehow?

This sounds like a weird request, but bear with me. One of my writerly flaws is to use the word “suddenly” to excess. It would be nice to be able to search my entire manuscript for the word “suddenly” and replace it with say a yellow highlighted or red text “suddenly”. Then I could scan through my manuscript and see if I used that word twice in one paragraph (thus probably requiring a change) or if the nearest use was five paragraphs down (thus probably being acceptable).

There are endless uses to which I would put this capability. I overuse certain character descriptions “Betty’s big eyes”. When writing sexy scenes I could use clinical words for body parts to keep the writing fast, then highlight them to go back later and replace them with carefully considered synonyms.

Hello Spice,
The Edit / Find facility already does what you suggest. It will find your word ‘suddenly’ or whatever word you look for; it will highlight it with whatever colour you choose ( see tools/options/appearance/editor) and give you a box with a replace with other word facility.
As for the various err, body parts , just set up and use Keywords. Say you wanted to put ‘embrace’ for all manner of hugs. using your keyword ‘embrace’ will flag up all of its uses and enable you to then replace it with something more interesting/racy/suitable.