Flashing when asking for Project Stats

Possibly this has been mentioned but I never noticed it until the 049 release.

If I hit Ctrl-comma I get the Project Targets dialog immediately. All numbers look great. If I hit Ctrl-period I get Project Statistics. I see two new problems, though the numbers seem fine.

  1. The resultant table has extra space between each line.
  2. Between the time of pressing Ctrl-period and the actual window popping up, there is a bunch of flashing of the screen and between each flash a small “compiling” progress window comes and goes. Ultimately I get the window as I should but esthetically it looks like Scrivener is having a seizure :slight_smile:

Just did the pre-order. I didn’t use my NaNo ticket from last year as you’ve let me use Scrivener for an entire year for free. That was the real gift of my experience with NaNo 2010. Thanks.

Cheers — Larry Marshall

I get that random flashy compiling window as well. I forgot all about it until reading this. I’m not sure if this is a bug or just a random un-aesthetically pleasing feature.

It’s a bug; it’s on the list.