Flaw in the New Project Assistant

When I choose a different directory in the New Project Assistant, the text below the Project Directory-Textfield still has the old directory written there. However, the .scriv-File is stored in the correct directory, so its probably not updated after chosing a new directory.


I cannot recreate this - whenever I change the directory, it gets updated in the text field accordingly. Could you please give a step-by-step breakdown of how to reproduce it?

No sweat.

I close my currently open project and go to File->New Project. I enter the project’s name - in that case “Test Project”. While I enter the name the Textfield gets constantly updated - the directory where I did store my last one is displayed: ~/Documents/Arbeit/Deutsches Gesundheitsfernsehen/Konzepte/Heuschnupfen/Text Projeect.scriv. Now I press “Choose” to point to another directory and choose Desktop in the file dialog. After the label “Project Directory:” I see the correct path (~/Desktop/Text Project), but below I still see “The project file ~/Documents/Arbeit/Deutsches Gesundheitsfernsehen/Konzepte/Heuschnupfen/Test Project.scriv will be created. This file is actually a directory that will be used to store all documents created in and imported into the project.”

Ah, okay, now I see - I thought you meant the text field above, so I hadn’t any name for the project and therefore could not see the bug.

This is an easy one, fortunately, so I have just this minute fixed it ready for 1.02.

Thanks and all the best,