Flaw with Spell Check?

Apologies if this has been covered before.

I noticed what I think is a flaw in the check-as-you-type spell check.

If I type a misspelled word, such as “torst” in the example image, spell check will correctly underline it provided I keep typing after the end of the word (once I add a space or carriage return, I think).
But, if I reach the end of the word and then move my cursor elsewhere with the mouse, the word is never underlined. I do this a lot when editing, and just now realized this was happening. Time to do a full manual spell check!

Is this considered a bug, or expected behavior?



Hi Jason,

I’m not really sure whether this is a bug or expected behaviour, to be honest, but unfortunately it’s out of my control. Scrivener just uses the system-wide OS X spell-checker - Apple’s code - so it’s behaviour is defined by Apple, and it is essentially a “black box” that Scrivener turns on or off. That is, when you turn on spell-checking, Scrivener just tells OS X to do it’s spell-checking thing in the current editor, and OS X handles the rest.

All the best,

My sense of OS X’s spell check is that it acts as if you are still typing a word until you indicate you have finished that word (such as moving the mouse or cursor, entering a space or punctuation). Having said that, in the screen shot you provided, I would expect the spell check to activate because you have a period after Torst. I just tried it myself, both in this reply and in Scrivener, and it behaved as expected. I couldn’t get the spell check to spontaneously ignore Torst, as soon as I add a space or a form of punctuation, Torst gets the squiggly underline.

The only way I could replicate your post was to type the period first, then type Torst. At that point, the text system seems to assume I am still typing and waits for further input from me (such as moving the cursor) before marking the word as misspelt. Expected and, from my perspective, desired behaviour - I don’t want squiggly lines appearing as type.