Flexible Pagination

How does everyone here paginate their paperbacks (PB) while omitting it for eBooks?

We were getting a lot of orphaned lines etc. in PB and couldn’t get “Keep Together” to fix it so we’re adding dummy nodes with a page break for the PB and excluding them with a filter for the eBook… that means all the page breaks are inserted by hand and takes ages. Worse, they have to be re-checked every time we knock over one of the dominoes with an edit! It also means we can’t easily support multiple sizes in print. With the power S3 has I’m sure it can do this…

We’ve been using S3 for about 6-7 years and we’re seasoned IT pros with almost 6 decades of experience between us but the shear flexibility can be a bit daunting and if there’s a simpler way, we missed it.

In the settings of the Compile format you are using (which you can access by double-clicking on it and editing it) in the Text Layout tab is ‘Avoid widows and orphans’ checked? See page 644 of the manual.