Flipping an Index Card to write behind


I have been using Scrivener and it’s an awesome piece of work. Of late, I have begun to appreciate the INDEX CARD system and quite a few of my short stories are written that way.

I wanted to post a new request on the wish list, but decided given my–what I am sure–an inadequate knowledge of Scrivener, I wanted to make sure this is not possible in current versions. Hence the post on this board.

I would like to know if I can click (or use any other hot-key) to FLIP and index card over (Ala - Final Draft index Cards). This would represent me writing on one side of the index card and flipping it over and writing on the other side – in real life, were I to do this.

As of today, I prepare my INDEX CARD. Then, what I would have written on the OTHER side of the Index Card, today I write in my DOCUMENT NOTES.

I was just wondering if there is a way to FLIP a single INDEX card to make it write on back and front. Or if this is being considered for development.

Thank you for reading this post. Appreciations to all of you in advance.

Best Regards,

Zubin Garda

I think you’ve identified the correct piece of the program to refer to as the “back of the card”, the Document notes. Keep in mind that with the Inspector open, merely clicking on an index card will reveal its notes in the sidebar, and that you can easily switch over to that with your cursor by hitting Ctrl-Opt-Cmd-H (press it twice if notes are not already showing).

I don’t see what advantage a third notation field would provide to us here, another field that is by design space-limited like the Synopsis. The Notes feature provides all of the benefits (without the gratifying metaphor, admittedly) and more since it is a mini-text editor in its own right, and fully rich text.