Flipping pages in page view instead of scrolling

(Kind of like in Word 2011’s full screen “Read” view option, for an example)

When you scroll through the pages, instead of rolling vertically, they turn like paper being flipped to the next page.

You can’t edit in this view in Word, and the whole point would be to read in that mode and have it look manuscript-like, but be able to edit as you go. It would make editing a novel extra fun.

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What about the PgUp and PgDown keys? I know, it’s not 100% spot on in that it drifts a bit, but that basically does what you describe.

Thanks for the reply!

But, that’s not quite what I mean. I mean you see an entire page on your screen, it’s height is the height of the window, and when you scroll right once, there is a sort of animation where the page flips away, revealing the next one “beneath” it. It’s all very fancy and pretty.

It’s similar, also, to how you can turn pages in iBooks on an iPad. It looks as though you’re literally flipping the page over. It’s very nice for reviewing your work in Word, but, like I said, you can’t edit, which would make it better.

Here’s some screen caps (I’m devoted):

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