Float Inspector

I keep trying to float the inspector on top of my Scapple document. You can’t “bring forward.” It’s gotta be real easy, but I can’t find a way to do it.



Hmm, that’s odd, it should in fact always be floating no matter what. It uses the same window class as tools like the default Font and Color palettes, which have floating built into them, and always hide when Scapple isn’t active. Are you using any windowing helpers like BetterSnapTool (not that I think there is a problem with that utility, but just to illustrate the class of software that may impact stuff like this).

Gee. The color and font palette do float. But not the Inspector. It comes to the front, of course, when you click on it, but if it’s all covered up you have to figure out what the heck it’s hiding under. I use Windowshade X from Insanity. Used it for years. Only thing I can think of that’s like that. Would I have to uninstall it or something to see if that’s it?


It may be quicker to verify whether it is the problem at all by creating a test Mac account, logging in, running Scapple (just click “Try” if you get the demo warning) and seeing if it works fine there. Of course, also make sure Windowshade isn’t running in the test account as well—some of these deeper level system hacks require installation into areas that affect all user accounts.

OK, I’ll act stupid again. What do you mean “test Mac account” ? I think I know, but I’ve never done it.
Also, if it does turn out to be WindowShade does that mean I gotta choose between using WindowShade and having Inspector float? In which case, I’ll probably just live w/ it. David

Yes, if that is what is causing it, that would be your choice. I have tried using Windowshade in the past, I prefer that mechanism to Microsoft Windows-style minimise 8) but I had to uninstall it because it was causing stability issues with some of the other stuff I use. Maybe I’ll try again one of these days.

Anyway, to make a test account, just to into your Apple System Preferences panel, click on Users & Groups, and then use the + button to create an account. You’ll probably have to authenticate as an administrator before doing so. You can switch over to that account without leaving your current session, by using the “fast user switching” icon up by the system clock, test it, then come back and delete the test account.

Or just live with it if that’s too much bother. :slight_smile: But I bet that is the culprit, mainly because it overrides internal OS stuff, as there is no official way to make something do what it provides, otherwise.

Thanks…not enough of a problem to check it out now…but will at some point and will let you know if Windowshade is the problem. Hate to stop using it. Expose and Spaces are good as far as they go. But I’ve been using the “Windowshade” feature for, like 25 years…maybe it used to be built into the Mac?



Twenty-five years ago, yes, that would have been a native feature of the operating system. Apple dropped the idea of collapsing windows like that with OS X 10.0, and shortly after, Insanity stepped in with the Windowshade utility to bring it back.

Looks like I was dealing with this years ago and must have figured out. BUT I just tried it again, and couldn’t find command, and found in manual:
“13.1 Scapple 1.3
— The Inspector is now a docked sidebar in the board itself rather than a
floating palette that is shared by all open boards.”

Is float now and on/off feature or you really can’t do anymore?

As of the Autumn 2017 update to Scapple, the inspector is a sidebar embedded in the board and that’s it. There is no on/off or toggle to change that. So I guess, in a way, the original problem is solved? :smiling_imp:

It’s fine. In my current project it might save me a step or two if the Inspector could float and become live w/ whichever board I’m on, but no problem. Using it for the first time in a few years on a big project and it’s great. Thinking of buying a projector so I can sit back and work on multiple boards at once (easier than just having all on one board in this case.) In any event, all good. Thanks as always for the quick response. David