Float Quick Reference Panel always grayed out

I see the grayed out menu item along with the new shortcut of ⌃⌥⌘Q but it’s never available to use. I assume similar Float window works to float scrivener main editor able all else.

I’m pretty sure the only requirement for that command is to have a project open and not doing something that blocks its use (like having Compile up).

That aside it doesn’t work quite the same as Scratch Pad and project window floating. It makes QR panels float absolutely within Scrivener, but their usage is classified as working like a utility panel, such as the Color selection palette, or Styles. It floats over Scrivener, but when you switch to another application they all vanish until you return.

Thanks. I used it quite a bit in Scrivener 2, floating all QR panels above Scrivener main window and I could certainly use it now if it wasn’t always grayed out. And no I don’t have anything like Compiler open.

I was reminded that there is indeed one spot where this command is disabled: if your QR panels are tabbed. There is a bug in macOS where changing the window type on tabbed windows causes the whole tab stack to be disbanded.

well my Quick Ref panels weren’t tabbed so I’m not sure why it’s affecting me. Interesting though, I had no idea QR panels could tab and the ctl-shift Tab allows you to cycle though. I could probably make use of this feature, but I’d still like the Float QR functionality back.