Floating clock anyone?

I love to write along in the Full Screen mode of Scrivener. But I have the habit of getting nervous when there is no clock visible on screen…

Does anyone know a tool that provides a small (the smaller, the better), simple, floating clock on the Mac screen?

(This is a Mec newbie asking… :blush: )

What about Yahoo widgets? That might work, though I haven’t tried it.

Andreas, this might seem too obvious: drag your mouse to the top edge of the screen when in full screen mode.

Otherwise, this may be what you need (not sure about it floating, I haven’t tried): http://macupdate.com/info.php/id/24561/widget-to-desktop
There are plenty clock widgets around, I’m sure you’ll find the right size.

EDIT OK, it looks like “widget-to-desktop” will float the widget, apparently in spite of what its developper was hoping (check out the comments in Mac Update). I have a relatively small widget clock, called “Timer”. I like the small black option…

All the best,

Try MoreClocks. I used it a long time ago, and found it nice: regnault.luc.free.fr/softwares.html .

I posted this ages ago. Thread ID # 9, as a matter of fact! It should probably be moved to Tips & Tricks. I don’t think that board existed yet when I wrote it.

Thanks a lot for any hints!

In fact, moving the cursor anywhere or calling the dashboard was not what I wanted. I need to have a clock somewhere that is simply there, but it should not take more than a blink of the eye to look at it.

I try MoreClocks now. It has more features that I needed, and the dock icon is utterly ugly (but one of the features is that you can supress the dock icon, so this is settled :slight_smile: ), but in the moment it does the job I needed it for.

I use QuartzClocks. Does just what you’re asking for, works great and its free! You can read all about it at musingsfrommars.org/index.ph … postcat=25.


Thank you. That’s even better, I’ve switched. The clocks provided are by far more beautiful than MoreClocks.

Well… In the “Wish List” section, people explain their wishes, and in a lot of cases, Keith just say: “It’s already there, look under etc.”

Same thing with my wish.

The Mac OS X system clock can be shown in the menu bar - but, if you like, as well as a floating window, a round analog one even in Aqua style. I discovered this while clicking around to get the system clock off the menu bar (two clocks are too many).

It was already there!

:blush: Well, I own my iMac seven weeks now…